Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Confessions of a Collector

I must confess that I am a collector. I promise that I'm not a "stuff piled to the ceiling, can't walk through the room" kind of collector, but if you look closely, you will see a collection of some kind in just about every room. I tried to do a little research on why some people have a tendency to collect things, but it seem that no one really knows for sure. A couple of articles I saw attribute it to the "hunting and gathering" instinct. I do like to hunt and gather. I probably would have been an awesome cavewoman.

Some of my collections are spread out or partially put away, so I thought I would have little collection reunions and post them once a week until I have run out.

This is sort of an accidental collection. I didn't set out to collect tracing wheels, but whenever I see old sewing boxes, or plastic bags of thread, needles, etc. at yard sales, I grab them and sometimes they contain a tracing wheel. I haven't actually used one since high school, but I've been amazed at how many different syles there are.

Now that I have gotten them out and looked at them, I may have to think of a use for them. Got any ideas?


Vallen said...

They look kind of good together - maybe they could be in a shadowbox with some of that lovely background or in a series of collages. Or just as a bouquet set in a nice vase or pitcher. You'll come up with something terrific, I have no doubt.

Sarah and Jack said...

No ideas on how to use them, but the older ones are lovely.

OldBagNewTricks said...

I like Vallen's idea of a shaow box display. That's a mighty nice idea. Weekly collection reunions is a nice idea too.


Angie said...

What a nice collection you have. I am also drawn to old sewing tools.