Monday, June 30, 2008

On Hold.

This blog has been on HOLD because my daughter and her baby were here for two weeks and all spare, and not so spare, time was spent HOLDING him. I'm sorry, but sometimes you just have to put down the work projects and take advantage of moments in time that will never return.

On Friday I went with her to San Francisco to be the Grammy-Nanny while she did a photo shoot. I took him in the stroller on a walk at Fisherman's Wharf and paid way too much for a small bag of fruit. I was taken in by the piles of cherries and strawberries and forgot to ask "How much?" in advance. Oh well, I guess I helped someones economy.

Can you blame me?

We just had time after the shoot to run over to an adorable shop that she wanted to visit and then as we were about to pull out of our parking place, the San Francisco Critical Mass road by, and road by and road by.

Here they are coming,

and going. I took both pictures one right after the other. Those are bicyclists as far as you can see up the road. (That haze in air is from the many fires burning in California right now.)

If you have ever heard stories about how crazy it is to drive in S.F., they are true.
It took us an hour to get out of town, but what a beautiful city. Almost every building has some awesome detail.

Well, it's back to work so that I can save up some more blogging time.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm filling my pockets.

Here is the finished pocket organizer from my last post. (Anything that cuts down on "Where did I put that" time will help to maintain sanity!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change of scenery.

I've noticed that one of the things I love about vacations and even short get-aways is waking up to something different. It doesn't even have to be a panoramic view, just pleasant in some way. The next best thing, for me, is to rearrange the furniture, or paint and put up new pictures.

Last weekend I cleaned and rearranged my sewing room, where I spend most of the day most weekdays. It has done wonders for my frame of mind.

I didn't move everything around, I just turned my cutting table and was surprised that it works so well. I thought it was too long and wouldn't leave enough room to walk around it, but it is actually much better. And I had to get rid of a lot of random stuff that was stuffed under there. That's usually a "good thing", right Martha?

The other day while shopping for supplies at a local fabric store, I couldn't walk away from a box of swatches that were for sale.

I have always been drawn to red and green, or pink and green, and thought these would make a great organizer for all the little tools I use and don't like to loose.

Pockets! I need pockets! Red and green pockets.
Here is the beginning of my organizer project. I will show the finished product soon.

I also finally found a home for my collection of sewing machine drawers. I like them a lot and they are useful too. (I just have to make a master list of what is in each drawer.)

So until I have a specially built cabinet for them, I can enjoy them on this closet shelf while I work.