Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Recovery.

Well, the trial I was serving on as a juror is over. It ended yesterday, and I felt okay, even though the outcome wasn't what most of us had hoped. Because one of the jurors couldn't be convinced that the defendants were guilty, the judge declared a mistrial. I think I was feeling relief that the whole thing was over, but after deliberating for three days in a very intense and, at times, exasperating atmosphere, today I feel extremely tired. I will try to get some work done, but first I might have to catch up on housework and buy myself some flowers.

This was the second time the case was tried. The first was tried as gang related, attempted murder, with the same 11-1 split. In this one the three were tried for assault with a deadly weapon. The newspaper says it will go to trial for a third time in August.
It was definitely very educational. I know a lot more about what goes on in my community.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Longing for my normal life.

I took these pictures of my workroom/studio a couple of weeks ago. Since I have been driving to the courthouse every day for jury duty, and mentally exhausted when I get home, I haven't spent much time there.

I am really appreciating the luxury of working from my home, and can't wait to get back to my normal schedule that doesn't involve traffic.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Loose ends.

When I make slipcovers I use upholstery thread on big spools, and toss them into a wire basket when I switch to a different color.
So, as you can guess, it gets a little messy with loose ends. I took them all out the other day and tidied them up with scissors and cellophane tape.

I found these great thread photos on flickr (below). I could spend all day looking at all the amazing photos that are posted on flickr, but you know how that is. I am doing my civic duty by serving on a jury and am heading into a second week of testimony. Thankfully, we have Mondays off, but that means I have lots to do today!

Spools, originally uploaded by lillergy.

Spools 2, originally uploaded by lillergy.

Loose ends

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Takes us back.....

The husband recently started a new job that happens to be a short walk to the beach in one direction, and a short walk to the first place we lived when we got married in 1977 in the other. In the picture you can see another little cottage behind the one we rented. (small). They are basically square, and must have been built as little vacation rentals because there is also a bigger house on the property. There was a bedroom (a room the size of a bed), a bathroom, and "hallway living room" that turned the corner to become a kitchen.

But, we had the beach, just two blocks away, and the nearby yacht harbor.

I can't imagine living in a place that small now, even though Tom talks about selling the house and buying an RV. Where would I keep all my crafting and sewing supplies? I'm not sure if he's really serious, but I know I would adapt somehow. Although... it would probably involve a large trailer of some kind.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Call me Tactual.

Working on some new things to put in my ETSY shop. I have a great little button press that makes different sizes of covered buttons, that I can also use to make thumb tacks. I decided to glue the " tie circles" to the button forms first. You don't usually need to do that to use the button press, but with these slippery silks, it makes for better results, and less frustration.

I think I would usually rather take more time in the beginning of a process if it means it will run more smoothly. I guess that's the main reason I make a pattern of a piece of furniture that I am slipcovering. Some people cut the fabric right on the furniture, or they take their sewing machines to the clients home and sew on site, but for me that's too much pressure. I've always been a lover of maps, and having that pinned together pattern ( made from old sheets) that I can write on, is like a map. I like being able to take it apart, piece by piece, and lay it out on the fabric before I cut.

I'm really thankful that I have the kind of "job" that allows me to choose my own methods and forms of navigation.