Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

For some reason I became obsessed with the idea of making tiny party hats. My first idea was to put party hats on vintage ornament style animals and hang them on the Christmas tree, but I couldn't find the vintage animals that I pictured in my head. Instead I got out my vintage bird collection and put them on a small artificial tree that I found at the Last Chance Thrift Store that is at the Marina Land Fill. (Fun store, and what a great concept... donate usable items on your way to the dump.) If I'd had more time I could have made little hats all day. It's so fun to make things on a small scale because it goes so fast.

Now they are all ready to sing in the New Year. Have a happy and safe celebration!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I should stock up on stockings.

Every year I make stockings. I remember the fun of pulling out the same red felt glittered stocking every year, growing up. The familiarity of it was part of Christmas. I'm afraid I have robbed that joy from my own kids because I just can't help myself. Stockings are just so easy to make, and because of my sewing business, and fabric collecting habit, I always have lots of great stocking worthy materials around.

I always frantically sew up some for various Holiday Home Tours, or for Colleen's shop. ( If you check out her blog and go back a post or two, you can see some I made this year) But I didn't get any finished in time to put them in my etsy shop. I just can't seem to get in the stocking making mood early enough for that. I should sew some up right after Christmas and put them in a box, to be unpacked and ready nice and early next year.

It might even be fun to predict what trends will be in force by this time next year and see how close I came to getting it right. The challenge would be in making them work if I get it wrong.