Monday, January 30, 2012

The weekend of my dreams.

It's been a while since we've made the five hour drive to our oldest daughter's house for a visit, so we hit the road on Friday and spent the weekend. It was sooo good to see them all. I was supposed to have her new slipcovers finished, but since they were cut out and not sewn, I took them down for a pin-fitting. The grandkids really wanted to help. The pinning was a really good idea too because they needed a little adjusting.

Besides all the sweet hugs, kisses and conversations, we did some paper crafts.

And topped it all off with a trip to the once a month Ventura Antique Flea Market on Sunday morning. We saw so much fun stuff. I was drawn to a stack of vintage student fashion drawings which I didn't buy, a pile of vintage Nativity figurines, which I didn't buy (the baby Jesus was missing) and lots of other amazing stuff including these spools of thread (which I didn't buy).

Here are most of the things I did buy.

I always enjoy talking to the venders at flea markets. Some very interesting people.

 The drive home was enjoyable too. I love the landscape between our house and theirs. A very nice weekend.

Monday, January 23, 2012



Wow! So many days, weeks and months since my last post. I’m not sure what happened to me. I am still making slipcovers and pillows and cushions and bed coverings. Still enjoying my family. Still trying to fit in more time for artwork. (Haven’t added anything to my etsy shop in a while.)

I recently did a major house cleaning and moved some furniture around. My sewing machine drawer collection ended up in the living room as part of the computer / office corner. If you look close you can see my paint color splotch. I am mixing two gallons of different colors of paint that I got free at the recycle shed at the local land fill. I think it will look good. I just have to get it done.


I moved my desk into the garage in my new art corner. I wasn’t thinking about how cold it is in the garage in the winter. It’s only California cold, but that’s still cold enough to be discouraging. This time of year it gets near freezing lots of nights. I like my corner in the garage because it is so quiet, but I think until it warms up a little I might have to try to be creative in the cozier chaos.