Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tea and hybrid tea

My high school senior and I went to a graduation tea on Saturday for a friend of hers. It was at a home up in the redwoods. It was so relaxing and beautiful.

The home sits on a slope, and there are numerous levels with decks, patios and sitting spots.

Potted plants were used in the deck and patio areas.

My front yard is a driveway with no area for planting, so I use potted plants. The backyard is a different story. I love my yard, but I'm really not much of a gardener. It seems like I am more of a" jungle" fighter, trying to keep the weeds and ivy at bay. You could say that I have a "survival of the fittest" garden. If it is hardy and can survive my plant-killing instincts, it can dwell in my garden. I am trying though, really. I have a few roses in the front in pots. I love hybrid tea roses because, unlike some hybrids, they have a beautiful fragrance and hybrids are hardier than non hybrids. They are supposed to smell like tea, but I don't quite smell the connection.

This is my Diana, Princess of Wales hybrid tea rose. I didn't realize it when I bought it, but 10% of profits from the sale of this rose go to humanitarian causes. I just bought it because it's pretty and smells so sweet.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, what a fun time!!! I love going through other people's gardens getting ideas. And that Princess Diana rose is lovely. Thanks, I am looking for a new rose. Is this a climber?


OldBagNewTricks said...

I have to add that your survival of the fittest approach to gardening cracks me -- I have a similar approach. I plant lovely things in my garden and wish them a lot of luck. So far, most everything gets it -- the rest tell no tales.


Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely post!!!!!!!!
You had a great time...

Angie said...

That sounds so beautiful. Thanks for such lovely garden pictures.