Saturday, July 14, 2007

Avalanche prevention day.

I am a maker of piles. Some people I know make piles that actually promote organization, but my piles are hurriedly constructed future avalanches. The really bad thing about this bad habit is that when I have a few minutes to be creative, I don't have a surface to be creative on, nor can I get to the drawers in my desk.

I cleaned it off. I put things in their places. I know how to organize. Most things in my house have a place. Sometimes the place isn't quite big enough (small house), but there is a basic bone structure for neatness.

I put my dollar basket on the desk to hold things that I might NEED to pile somewhere. (It is a rubber?/plastic? coated metal basket that I found at my favorite thrift store. It was pretty dirty, so they charged me a dollar. I don't mind washing things for a bargain.) This way, I can just pick the pile up by the convenient handle and remove it from my "creating space".

I love finding things in the midst of cleaning that I have forgotten about. I got this little flower press as a favor at a friend's birthday party. I had forgotten that I actually pressed some flowers in it.

You probably already guessed that I also bought this desk at the same great store. It was brown with handles that I didn't care for, but now I love it.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, I LoVe your desk with the tidy little cubbies -- I'm in the midst of an organizing binge too. has this become pandemic? Should we alert CDC, EPA, USAF? Yes, I know that would simply stall the organizing -- I am back to it -- I really am... Nice desk.


Alishia said...

I have that same desk! Except mine is green!

Vallen said...

I think I might be the pile master. No, wait that's my mom but I'm a pretty close second!! I like the idea of a movable basket. I've employe this device to great success. I now have a pile of them.

faithsalutes said...

I need a desk...I have been searching thrift stores. It is about time I found one...I love the messy desk version...cause I can relate.