Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brained bird brain.

This black headed grosbeak flew into our second story window a couple of days ago as you can tell by it's stunned, beak agape expression. We ran outside and picked it up off the ground. A better thing to do would be to place a colander, or something else with holes in it over the bird, but when else do you get a chance to hold a wild bird. They are so soft.

I was thinking that birds fly into windows because they do, after all, have bird brains, but I guess some people who have studied bird brains have found that they have more reasoning abilities than once thought. And when you think about it, when a bird flies toward your window, he (or she) doesn't just see the sky reflected, he (or she) sees trees, and a bird flying toward him (or her). Have you ever walked into an unfamiliar house and thought you saw someone in the next room, but laughed to find out it was your reflection in a full length mirror? Now imagine, before you realize that it is you, running as fast as you can toward that person. Hopefully if you do that someone will help you up or call an ambulance, or place a colander over you until you wake up.

My husband, who is loved by all animals, made sure that the bird was safely in a tree before we went inside, and we think he survived. We hope so.


the husband said...

"A bird in the bush is worth more than a bird in the hand" And worth much more than one in the kitty's mouth.

faithsalutes said...

the colander trick...that is so funny because my mom worked at a bird farm when i was a kid and there were lots of laundrey baskets and colanders with injured birds around when i was growing up. brought back memories.

Vallen said...

I'm pretty sure my family would go the colander route if they found me. I'm mightily impressed that you know what kind of bird it is, not juts that you were able to rescue it.

KT said...

I had to search to find out. I love birds, but well, there are too many kinds for me to learn them all.