Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mid Century Musings

I want to be hip. Modern hip. But I have a hard time really warming up to the return of Mid Century Modern. We had those cool modern chairs with the wooden arms when I was growing up. Similar to this one:

And the sofa with the sleek straight lines. Very nice looking and very modern. But all that straight furniture was not so easy to curl up on as a child. Seems like everything was plastic or straight or flat. Lots of plastic in the 50's.

I also remember furniture with plastic covers. We didn't have the plastic covers at our house, but I remember sitting on them at someone else's house with shorts on and the plastic sticking to my legs when I got up.

I was amazed to find these listed in a funky catalog, and then found a Detroit company on line that actually makes custom fitted plastic slipcovers, like the ones I stuck to as a child.

I did make some plastic covers for a very nice lady. They were for her vintage beauty-shop chairs though, not her living room furniture. THAT I will never do. Sorry.


OldBagNewTricks said...

I never warmed up to those hip modern chairs either... some of my friends had them. My aunt had a plastic covered sofa. You're right -- modern and plastic are not "curl-able" friendly. You just don't sit in a straight plastic covered chair, snuggle under blankets and read trashy novels on a cold day...


Vallen said...

I had an aunt, actually my mom's cousin, who not only covered ALL of her white living room furinture in plastic, but did the same for the lampshades. Talk about about a warm inviting room! Not!
I grew up with Early American maple. Comfy - yes. Attractive? N-O.

faithsalutes said...

Gross, plastic.