Sunday, December 16, 2007

A spoonful of NEW makes the OLD taste better.

This morning in church...yes, I am a church-goer... the youngish group who led the music/worship part of the service were making some rather new and strange guitar sounds during the playing of some very traditional songs. Some have told me that this is distracting to them, but I love it. I guess it just reminds me of where I am in life in general...more a part of the old than the new, but not wanting to drift off on a chunk of "old" ice, losing touch with what is exciting and life-giving to our youth. The fact that they are willing to let us in on who they are and what they love makes me happy. It feels like a life-line that keeps the ice chunk from floating too far out to sea.

When the home decorating styles started to reflect the 50's and 60's I had a real struggle. I wanted to love what is new and stylish, but it wasn't new to me and I had no desire to experience flashbacks to my Jr.High years. (Ouch) But...with some gentle prodding from some talented youngers, I am actually getting excited about a more stylish look, even if it does have a "back in time" flavor. AND......the way that is possible is the addition of the new to the old. A twist of excitement, a spoonful of creativity, and of course, the old style seen through new eyes, because to them it is new.

Speaking of older things that are vibrant, my Mother-In-Law and her 93 year old boyfriend stopped by today, since she will be out of town for Christmas. They are so active, that we get tired from just hearing about all their activities and socializing. I had to post this picture of them. They looked so cute in their festive outfits. (I should have gotten a close-up of the Santas on the tie.)

I am happy to report that there are now decorations on the tree. This ornament was a gift from a friend a couple of years ago. I am thinking about her a lot because she is in Illinois this weekend. I hope the weather is not being unkind to her. (was that a double negative?)

On the subject of home style, I ripped the skirt off of my sofa. The legs match the ones on my new, old chairs and I like the way it looks. (More like the sofa my mother had when I was in Jr. High) Now I just need to alter the skirt on the slipcover to make it shorter and less ruffly.

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OldBagNewTricks said...

Katie, such an eloquent way to put it. Rather than becoming more staid and stodgy I am finding myself more oen to colors and designs and paradigm shifts. As if... as if I haven't tasted everything yet and while the banquet is still open I need to load up my plate a little bit.
(The older couple inspires me. Thank you.