Friday, October 17, 2008

Shh don't tell.

Shh, don't tell that I am making the "Shh, Don't Tell Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake" from The Bride and Groom, First and Forever Cookbook. When I was at my daughter Raya's after her baby was born, a friend had made it for her and her husband. Mmmm good. (The main ingredient is a box cake mix with extra ingredients added, and a super fudgy frosting made from chocolate chips, sugar, milk and butter.)

It is my youngest child's 19th birthday. Shh, don't tell her that I have been waiting for an excuse to make this cake, so I neglected to ask her what kind of cake she wanted.

Shh, don't tell my sewing clients that I am making a cake instead of working on their sewing projects.

Shh, don't tell me how many calories are in this cake, or how many I just consumed off of my fingers, spoon, and spreading knife.


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Rudi said...

Hi Katie,

Can you tell Sarah, "HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!" from her Auntie Rudi!