Friday, November 28, 2008

Like playing "dress-up".

When I am making slipcovers, especially for chairs, I feel like I am dressing them up in new clothes. Over a year ago I made slipcovers for two wing chairs, and the owner of the chairs said that one was a grandmother's chair and the other a grandfather's, since they are just slightly different in style. I have affectionately been calling them Mom and Pop.

Well, Mom and Pop got new clothes. They are now dressed in a lovely Colefax and Fowler print.

Mmmm. So inviting. Tea anyone?

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OldBagNewTricks said...

I just made slipcovers for a pair of new dining chairs (so's the cats couldn't have their way with them). There were gussets involved and epelets(sp?). It tied at the "waist". I sneaked in a sluppy polyester taffeta that looked quite a lot like silk shantung. In the end they look very much like clothes, formal dresses. I hadn't thought to name them, however I referred to them as "The Bridesmaids." I wonder if next time I can just make them pinafores...