Friday, January 16, 2009

Wedding Trunk Show

Well, as promised, here are some pictures of what I have been working on in my spare time for Colleen's Wedding Trunk Show. It will be at her store, Saffron and Genevieve, on Saturday, February 21st.

I have been having fun making ring bearer pillows with some things I've had around for a while, like a beautiful old quilt with only small areas that were not stained or torn, and some sweet vintage millinery flowers.

And I finally figured out a use for those odd shaped crocheted know the ones (were they once collars?)..... a little bride's purse, or maybe a money bag. Since I was sewing it to a lining fabric, I just cut off the odd shaped parts.

And I love anything with a bird on it.

My plan is to open an ETSY shop with whatever I have left over after the sale, along with some other surprises I am working on.


Colleen Hickey said...

That angora pillow is so great, Katie. All great, hopefully you will sell them all so you won't have to bother with etsy.

Jean said...

Love the pillows from old quilts! Beautiful! Jean

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give to see that show!!! And to figure out what to do with those collars!! I bow to you.

Thanks so much for coming to see -- I think I'm back up and running... we'll see. It's nice to know I was missed.

And I've tagged you for a fun and easy post. Come see.

Tracey said...

Absolutely wonderful, you are very talented.
Tracey x x x