Thursday, May 21, 2009


I think my two favorite things about making slipcovers are seeing a piece of furniture transfomed, and turning a client's vision into reality. This chair (there were actually two of them) is a perfect example.

The client bought the chairs at a yardsale and was going to paint them and maybe have them upholstered, but got inspired when she thought about white linen.

This picture was taken in the middle of my living room, but they look really nice in her French country inspired house.


Phyllis said...

That's just what I want to do to my two wing chairs the cats have ruined. I've looked on line for instructions, but am so intimidated to start this. Any tips for me?

KT said...

Hi Phyllis,
I did a limited demo on the post from March 17, 2008. I will seriously consider doing a more detailed one, maybe even of a wing chair. Yea, an excuse to bring home another chair. (Don't tell my husband!)

Angie said...

Those are beautiful! I too just love the transformation.

Anita said...

Sooo fabulous! You did great work. 100% linen or poly mixed?

KT said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anita. The fabric is 100% linen.