Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Recovery.

Well, the trial I was serving on as a juror is over. It ended yesterday, and I felt okay, even though the outcome wasn't what most of us had hoped. Because one of the jurors couldn't be convinced that the defendants were guilty, the judge declared a mistrial. I think I was feeling relief that the whole thing was over, but after deliberating for three days in a very intense and, at times, exasperating atmosphere, today I feel extremely tired. I will try to get some work done, but first I might have to catch up on housework and buy myself some flowers.

This was the second time the case was tried. The first was tried as gang related, attempted murder, with the same 11-1 split. In this one the three were tried for assault with a deadly weapon. The newspaper says it will go to trial for a third time in August.
It was definitely very educational. I know a lot more about what goes on in my community.

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Phyllis said...

It's such a shame that our system has turned completely around giving criminals more rights than victims.

Enjoy your flowers; your deserve them!