Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Show me the Quilt!

Sunday afternoon was going to be the day that I finally took steps toward finishing two quilts that have been sitting unfinished for....I hate to say it......YEARS. I need to join top, batting and back together with safety pins and then stitch them together. I even bought this book that I am very excited about.

As I was contemplating where I should do this pin basting, a voice from  the distance made me look up. It was my husband holding the newspaper and saying, "You didn't go to the Quilt Show yesterday." And I said, "What?! The quilt show is this weekend? How did I miss that? I can still go today, it's not over for five hours."
And just like that, I grabbed my purse and went to look at other peoples finished quilts instead of finishing my own. (But it was so fun.)

I've thought about joining the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association, but haven't yet. I'm sure I would finish more quilts if I did. I love the annual shows. This one was their 34th.

These two small quilts by Jeanne Holmes were a couple of my favorites:

I also liked this one called "Bunny Windows" by Cara Lamb. She added a note that in Japan, instead of a man in the moon, they say it is a rabbit.

Another reason I LOVE the quilt show is browsing the vender "shops". I took a few pictures at one of my favorites. Claudia Bibber's collection of antique and vintage sewing items. I can never get enough of vintage sewing.

Well, I didn't make any progress on my own projects, but I was definitely inspired.

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tracy kendall said...

I love those photos you took at Claudia Bibber's booth- they're so bright and fun! You have such a great eye for color. I can see where Raya gets her eye for the visually dramatic.