Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a small kitchen remodel

I've found that when your kids grow up and move out you really need to move to a bigger house, not a smaller one, unless of course you started out with a nice big roomy one. We, like many I'm sure, stuffed ourselves and our four kids into a smallish four bedroom house. Now one of those rooms is my sewing workshop and one is occupied by our youngest child. So when kids come to visit they are now a family of four and have to squeeze harder to fit. And.....when there are grandchildren around, they need toys to play with, and it's nice to have special "Grammy's House" toys that they look forward to playing with. So, see what I mean.

Two of our grandchildren live very close, and we get to see them pretty often, which is what led me to do this "kitchen remodel". I really wanted to find a cute vintage play kitchen to satisfy some of those playing needs, but just wasn't having any luck. While I was searching around on the web I found lots of play kitchens that people had made from night stands and other pieces of small furniture. I pinned them here.

Unfortunately, my before picture has disappeared. I "put it down" on my computer and now I can't find it, but here is the after picture:

The original cabinet had long skinny legs, that I cut off and added casters instead. The oven door opened from the side, so I just moved the hinges. It was already a separate compartment. The bar sink and nobs came from the local salvage yard, and the burners are some kind of caps I found in the plumbing department of the hardware store. I printed and cut out spirals shapes I found on the net and affixed them with clear contact paper. The paint came from a local recycling facility. My idea to modge podge an old tablecloth on the back splash didn't work, so I stapled on a piece of oilcloth.

The pot holders were made from some vintage quilt squares that have been sitting in a basket waiting to be made into something useful. I am really trying to use what I already have these days.

I put two together and added a little padding in between.



Now I need to make some of that cute, cute play food I see so many patterns for.
A Grammy's work is never done!

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