Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Two for One

On my way to make patterns for three pieces of furniture, I stopped by my most favorite thrift shop to look for pattern material (old solid colored sheets). I love this place because of who runs it and what they do. I used to think that the California Grey Bears was a state wide organization, but found out that it only serves our county. (The bear is the state animal. ) They have a recycling center and recycle everything from paper to computers and other electronics. With the money they bring in and food gleaned from local businesses they feed the elderly who need a little help. And, oh yes, it is also run by the elderly.

I found the needed sheets and there was a basket full of these adorable new pin cushions. I liked them so much I bought six. I also found a bag of vintage lace.

When I know the money is going to such a worthy and local cause, I feel like I am giving and receiving in a single transaction. It's like a two-for-one coupon.... buy a bag full of fun stuff and get a good feeling for free.


Vallen said...

Those pieces of cake are delightful. I also have a thrift shop near by that is run by adorable little whitehaired ladies. Not only is the stuff great the money goes back to help other little white haired ladies and gentlemen. Your area is supposed to be rife with good thrifting opportunities. One of these days I'll get down there to check it out.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh such wonderful finds!!! And going to such a terrific cause, efficiently. What could be better than that? Those glimmering cakey pin cushions are the living end.

That White sewing machine you have for button holes is exactly the machine on which I learned to sew. I kept getting my finigers stuck in the needle till finally my mom relented and taught me how to use the thing. It does make nice buttonholes. Nice to meet you.