Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What kind of a life would it be without buttonholes?

I love buttons, just ask my family. Everywhere you look in our house there is a jar, or a can, or a vintage coffee carafe filled with buttons of all kinds.

But....a button usually needs a buttonhole in order to do its job. I have the need to make buttonholes occasionally, on pillows or duvet covers. And slipcovers look nice sometimes with buttons on the back. I recently saw a professional buttonhole-making machine for sale for $6000. Boy, would that be nice to have. It was big though, and well, besides not having room for it, I really couldn't justify the cost. I like the one I have, even though it's not as beautiful and grand looking as the afore mentioned machine.

I found this old White brand sewing machine and cabinet at the flea market several years ago for $20. The drawers were filled with all kinds of useful vintage tools, including a buttonhole maker. I'm sure they stopped making them because they are a hassle to use. You have to put a special plate down, then get out a screwdriver to put the thing on the machine, and you have to change the cam to the appropriate size, which means using your screwdriver again.

BUT... since I only use this machine for making buttonholes, it's not so bad. It makes pretty good buttonholes too. And I love vintage things. Useful vintage things are even better.


Vallen said...

Those buttonhole attachments were a pain in the patooty. Sears made one and still does, I believe, that is a breeze to use. But no matter how easy, I still don't like making buttonholes. Mine always come out tweaked.

Angie said...

I love those old buttonhole makers; they make the nicest buttonholes. I also have a machine dedicated to one of those. It's the greatest thing in my studio.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi! I am so happy that you have apost now! When i saw (reading over my daughters shoulder that you liked miniatures, I said that is it! I have to get over to Paper pony and ask her to get you blog! Finally I am here!:)
It is great! I love the post on the business that helps the elderly and is run by them also! I love butons also, although I have no collection. My grandmother did and when we would visit I would get to "play" with them. All spilled out onto a beautiful spare bed. (I pretended they were people!?!) (I's a miniature thing I guess). Thanks for getting a blog! I love the "button that your daughter made for you over at Paper Pony and your "name also. I am not going to re-write this...I am very excited that I can now connect with you!
With Kindness,

Merci-Notes said...

I forgot to ask, May I put you on my"pretty Places" side bar?
Also, I have an Aunt with about 10 kids ( all of my relatives on my Fathers sied have Large families>>it is hard to keep track of how many when we lived a couple hours away from all). Well, My Aunt made clothes on an old machine with a treadmill foot pedal thing!!
That's it for now!