Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to add Sparkle to your life...

And to the lives of those around you.

First, take an object like this beautiful graduation cap for instance.

Next, locate the spray glue, glitter, and plastic rhinestones. Lay out a towel to do glittering on, with friend who is also desiring sparkle, and procede. You are using a towel instead of say, newspaper, because you are in a hurry and you are not using the "follow through" method of thinking. When project is finished, leave the house quickly in order to make it to event on time.

Later, after all the excitement is over, throw "glitter catching" towel in laundry basket without notifying chief washing machine loader, (the mom) who places the guilty towel in with about seven other towels.

We will be picking glitter off of each for weeks or even months.

Now, if you see my husband looking like he got too close to someone who was all glittered up, you know that that is not the case, he just has "sparkle".


Merci-Notes said...

Hi! Two questions:
1) Are yu really an author? did you ever or still desire to be an author?

2) I have someone inquiring about slipcovers...do you make them without having the piece in your home???
If "not neccessary" is answer to question #2 :Can you make them long distance?

Ok that was really 4 questions! So my 5th question may be...would you be interested in seeing if you can help this person?
With Kindness,

Vallen said...

Kids, especially graduating seniors, are my favorite. They are just so full of...life, themselves, hope. All the essentials.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, this is hysterical and it is just the sort of thing that makes me giggle my way through life. Thank you so much for having had this happen. Thank you for writing it really well... and thank your husband for having a sense of humor... he HAS a sense of humor, hasn't he? Or just sparkle?


Carol said...

PMSL! You cracked me up with this! Best wishes from Germany! Carol