Monday, June 11, 2007

Big Day, Big Doughnut, Big Delicious Dinner!

Graduation Day was just beautiful, held outdoors with perfect weather. The next day we had a graduation party. We made the cake ourselves and I think it turned out pretty cute.( Decorated by Raya. )

With the extra cake batter, I decided to make a "little cake". When I took it out of the pan, I said "This looks like a big doughnut.", so Raya worked her magic and WahLah-A Big Doughnut!

I traded some sewing of curtains by me for some catering by a very talented friend. It was so delicious and so great not to have to prepare the food. The party was a success.

I thought I would take a few pictures while the place is all tidy and decorated with flowers.

My favorite deck chair:

Later this week-Collection Reunion #3.......


Merci-Notes said...

Know that is a serious place to relax!
Yo and Raya make a great team!!! The cake does look just like a dohnut and the cake is fabulous!

Oh, almost forgot! Can you stop by tomorrow? I have some very BIG NEWS to share and it requires my friends help! It is fun and Raya will want to know about this event (if she does not already !)
Hope to see you tomorrow!

Vallen said...

What a lovely tranquil place. I hope the party was a blast!!! Congratulations to mom and daughters.

OldBagNewTricks said...

What a wonderful setting for a party -- and both cakes are splendid. What festive fun. Congrats.


faithsalutes said...

Raya loves donuts. But then again, who doesn't? Now we will have another baby who will love donuts like we do...

Angie said...

I love your patio! And that chair! I do have a thing for chairs.

Carol said...

Your garden looks beautiful! I love the blue parasol! Btw my daughter has just yesterday got her exam results and they are quite good. The graduation ceremony is on June 28th and we gonna have a garden party too afterwards! Congrats to your daughter! Best wishes for her future! Carol from Germany