Monday, July 2, 2007

It's time for a change.

Every time I go to the grocery store, I feel a little guilty that I am bringing home more plastic bags and encouraging the demand for them and continuing the problem. I could go on a tirade, but I won't. Instead I'll show you what I did last week.

While looking around for a good reusable shopping bag pattern, I came across this. It is a bag bag, crocheted using plastic bags. I made one. It is smaller than I had imagined, but will be useful in some capacity. Maybe I will work on my patience deficit by making a big one that could actually tote groceries, or at least produce from the Farmer's Market.

Then, a little later I went over to betz's blog and followed the link to the etsy tutorial and learned how to fuse plastic bags together to make a usable fabric type of material.
I even saw a dress made from this stuff. (Not exactly my style.) My daughter had been complaining about her wallet being too large, so I made her a nice compact one using a bag from a local surf shop. Now I just have to add a holder for her driver's license somehow.

The dilemma is that now I want MORE plastic bags. Something went awry here. I have made a commitment to still use fewer plastic bags, so when I need to replenish my supply, I will "borrow" them from a recycle bin somewhere. You may see me explaining to people, as I take bags from the bin outside the grocery store, "I'm not a bag lady. Really. I'm just doing crafts. I live in a house. I keep my things there. Really. Oh look at this nice pink bag."


faithsalutes said...

You blow my mind. You are amazing. I was also bummed when I went to the local library and they handed me a plastic bag to put my books in. Can you make me a wallet out of it? If i send it to you and all the materials? Or send us the LINK so we CAN try it!

raya said...

Mom. You are out of control. Did you make that wallet pattern because if you did you should take that right down to O'neills and sell them a thousand of them. Those would sell in the store, and they could use their old bags to make them...its the perfect plan.

Tom said...

I now firmly believe this bag/wallet is the answer to my early retirement plans. Get the patent on that wallet and take it down to Oneill's very soon!

OldBagNewTricks said...

I'll say it again -- you are the funniest Blogger in Blogland. Clever bag -- nice wallet. Martha move over.


Vallen said...

Raya's right and I am now scouring for plastic bags. Darn why did I say "paper" when I shoulda said "plastic?"