Friday, June 29, 2007

The creamers gather.

Collection of the week: the creamers, with a couple of gravy boats alongside. Thinking of gravy boats made me wonder about gravy trains. I was sad to find out that there was probably never any gravy involved in the origin of this saying. It most likely became a saying when the railroad workers went on an easy run with good pay, or maybe the hobos started it, meaning a free ride. Take the gravy train to easy street. That sort of thing. Gravy being an automatic by-product of cooking a roast. No work there. (This saying was obviously started by men who have not tried to turn that automatic by-product into a beautiful lumpless sauce to present to the mother-in-law at Thanksgiving.) And apparently a gravy boat was akin to a gravy train before it became a place to put your gravy.

A creamer is a creamer, nothing to wonder about there.

I think the white ones are my favorite.

So I'm wondering what an updated form of "gravy train" might be...."life's a beach"... that's similar. I'm thinking more like, "That was a trip through the drive-thru", or something like that. This reminds me of the time I had a root canal done and the Dr. was thrilled that it went a lot easier than he had anticipated, but he still charged me the same amount. ( We didn't have insurance at the time.) He probably told his staff, "That was like drilling for oil!"


Vallen said...

And the rest is gravy.
I love your collections.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, I do LOVE gravy -- it should have it's own food group! And I much appreciate yor creamers (and gravy boats). I don't have creamers, per se, because I don't drink coffee, therefore I have little to no use for a creamer... but they make mighty nice syrup servers at brunch. Besides, they are so cute, having a use or not doesn't preclude buying them here and there. Thanks for sharing them.


V....Vaughan said...

Hi KT....I enjoy your sense of humor and like your blog!!
Thank you for the nice comment about my art work. The Texas skies ARE great!
The Hiding Place is one of my favorite books , too....Corrie Ten Boom - a TRUE hero...
Where in CA are you from? I will do an art show there in Oct.

faithsalutes said...

I love Corrie Tin Boom too and read the book before I met your Corrie! I have that cow creamer, I always wanted one...and found it while exciting.