Friday, July 20, 2007

Travels with Mom and Pop

The Mom and Pop chairs from my July 11th post are safely home. I delivered them, because they would both fit into my amazing little station wagon. When I cover a sofa, I make a pattern at the client's house, but I like to have chairs at my shop for fitting.

On my way to the home of "Mom and Pop" I heard the star date report for the day on one of my favorite radio stations. It was about the planet Mercury and it's huge cliffs. Some of them are a mile or two high and can stretch for hundreds of miles. The cliffs are named after Captain Cook's ships and ships of other explorers. That led to ponderings about the adventures of explorers. I really didn't like to read much when I was growing up. I was an "outside" kid until, when in Jr. High, I read a book about the adventures of Marco Polo. Wow, reading CAN be fun. True adventures are still my favorite books and movies. I doubt that I have the courage to actually ever explore uncharted territory, but I do enjoy going to places that are new to me, and learning the lay of the land, so to speak.

Just an hour's drive from my home the scenery is much different.

Llamas leisurely looking for a leafy lunch.

Don't pick the brussel sprouts! Or maybe it's broccoli, I'm not sure.

Happy Exploring!


OldBagNewTricks said...

The "Mom and Pop Chairs" turned out spiffy! Nice job matching. And Adventures? They're a good thing. Thanks for the lovely scenery --I'm taking my road trips vicariously this week.


OldBagNewTricks said...

P.S. -- Love the new banner. Veddy Slick.


faithsalutes said...

I miss Northern California.

Angie said...

Beautiful job on the mom and pop chairs. Glad you figured it out. I've not had the pleasure of doing plaid slipcovers yet; I don't think


Vallen said...

Isn't it amazing what there is at day-trip distance from home? Some of my favorite scenery those rollig hills there. And tell Faith Northern California would like her back thank you