Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whew, busy week!

I spent a good part of the week working on some really cute chair covers designed by Colleen. They each had a reverse applique on the inside back and white twill tape at the hem. Very nice, but of course, I forgot to take my camera when I delivered them, so this is the best picture I have.
What is it with me and that camera? I guess I need to make it into a necklace so that I will have it "on me" when I need it, or better yet, put it on my key ring.

I also hosted a tea party in my backyard this morning, so I spent a lot of time this week rounding up the necessities. (I had a lot of help from the ladies who came.)

There is a family from our church who are missionaries in Chile. They are a swimming/surfing family. They run a swim center down there, and every summer come here and run a surf camp/school. We have the privilege of having the wonderful, energetic wife and mother (of five) as a guest speaker each summer at some type of gathering. Last year we had a clothes!

The tea was a lot of fun and people brought some amazing treats. I didn't get pictures of the food table before we attacked it. I was fussing over my "Martha Stewart leek quiche" which was a big hit, by the way, so if you need a good recipe, it's on her website.

I am going to go and put my feet up now and enjoy the clean house and sweet little leftover bouquets.

I wonder if the husband will be okay with scones and biscotti for dinner.


Angie said...

Beautiful! Wish I could have been there! So glad you had a great time.


faithsalutes said...

This makes me hungry. Yay.

OldBagNewTricks said...

This looks like so much fun -- I want to come. I want to have scones and biscotti for.. for... for whatever meal is being served. Thank you for sharing this -- it really looks lovely.