Friday, September 7, 2007

the Pomehuahua

Our dog Max is half deer faced chihuahua, and half Pomeranian.

I promise this is not a posed photo. I just walked into the room and there he was.

I definitely think the "pomi" in him made him seek out the biggest pile of pillows in the house, and I think the Chihuahau in him is just a little bit embarrassed.


raya said...

Hahahahaha..oh Max.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you had the ISBN for that japanese craft book that your daughter made the kitties from. There are two books I have been looking at and am sending a little shopping list to a friend in Japan, who's moving back to the States next month. If you have the # (or even the name and I can probably look it up on, that would be so helpful!! Thank you!!


Veronica TM said...

awww, he is so cute!
this post made me smile.