Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Springing into fall.

After looking at this cheerful studio, (click on "tiny house") I decided it was time to add a little color and happiness to my work space, since I spend so much time there.

I almost gave this cute little cabinet away. It was unpainted and looking kind of sad, but I love it in it's new color.

I found these cardboard storage boxes at Michael's.

My sweet daughter Corrie gave me these sticky notes before she knew I was going with a green/pink theme.

I finally hung this nice old framed crewel embroidery.

And I'm playing around with the tie collection, trying to come up with a window treatment for the door.

Looks like I'm getting ready for spring instead of fall doesn't it? I guess I'm subconsciously bracing for the rainy season and colder weather.


faithsalutes said...

everything you do is perfect, i bet God is going to let you sew his robes when we get to heaven...then Jesus will want one just like it.

Kathleen said...

KT....Ilove this one!
Today is my first day on your blog and I can't get off.... :)

Stay with the tie cool!

I agree with FAITH about making robes for heaven...heeheee