Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Side Tripping

On the way home from a wedding in Redding, Ca. Tom and I drove through Lassen Park.
The same weather system that caused an unusual rainy day for this time of year, and made for a very damp outdoor wedding, also dusted the Lassen volcano with snow. It was a really beautiful drive. We saw snow on the trees, deer in the snow,and heavy fog that suddenly ended as we arrived at the summit. (I guess we were driving through a cloud.)

Someday we would like to go back and make the hike to the peak.

My daughter, Raya, of Paper Pony. (see my links to the right) Has helped me to pick out a camera that is going to be a late birthday present. (I told everyone not to buy presents, but to help me with the camera.) I am very excited to get it. We took these pictures with Tom's Bushnell outdoor camera, which can withstand the rugged use of a fisherman, but I am looking forward to having a camera that will take really good pictures. (with a little help from me, of course, and a little advice from Raya, who is a real photographer)

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Tom said...

I know you were thinking "if it wasn't for that darn snow I would scurry right up this mountain". Next time we go up.