Friday, September 28, 2007

On the road again.....

The sewing road that is. Back to making striped cushion covers, aqua cushion covers, snapdragons on red check cushion covers. Looks like it is cushion cover week here.

I wanted to share this interesting list with you:

bed frame
large bag of recycling
bio hazardous material
ladder (always at least one ladder)
a hissing snake

No, these are not items found in the livingroom of a bachelor. These things were reported to be on Bay Area freeways within about a week and a half. Crazy, no?


OldBagNewTricks said...

I am back on the sewing road too -- though not nearly so ambitious as you. In fact, I have to admit, initially I thought that list was of items folks have recently commissioned you to slipcover. Whew, I am relieved to hear this was just stuff scattered about the highway.

Back to sewing,

ferne said...


I am Ferne and just stumbled upon your blog. I had to comment because it seems we have some things in common...I love to sew and have a friend that I go fishing with quite often, I am also in my 50's (well 50 to be precise). We also just spent a week in the Sierras and were there for the snow dump you referred to. It wasn't much, but it sure was pretty and seemed a little strange after the heat that we had been having. I live in San Jose and hope to move to a quieter and smaller place close to some fishing holes one day in the near future...first I have to find that place!

I enjoy your blog!