Sunday, October 14, 2007


My daughter of Paper Pony spent a week with us and even though she was working a lot of the time she was here, it was sooo nice to spend some time with her. Check out her beautiful photography at her blog and links to her website.

We made a trip over to Saffron and Genevieve and Raya took some pictures. These are pillows that the owner designed and I stitched together. (Another very talented woman that I have the privilege to work with.)


faithsalutes said...

Thank you for everything...especially the bacon.

Vallen said...

What a lovely surprise I got from Faith and Raya. They are delightful!! I only wish you could have joined them. You and I will get together soon, I hope. These pillows are really gorgeous and give me ideas for using up alot of vinatge linens I find myself with.