Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Open Studios

I went with a girlfriend on Sunday to visit some artists' studios on our local Open Studios Tour. There are almost 300 artists participating, so we only made it to a fraction of them. I guess we should have worn our running shoes and avoided eye contact. As it went, we couldn't seem to stop ourselves from getting into conversations with the artists and watching demonstrations.

We were thrilled by Lisa Hochstein's work table and studio.

She paints and does fiber art.

Were amazed to watch steel being shaped by a HUGE, LOUD steel pounding machine in Kirk McNeill's studio.

And we enjoyed hearing how Betty O'Donnell dies her fabrics and makes her beautiful art quilts.

And a well used pincushion is always a thing of beauty in my eyes.

We had a great time. (We did make it to more than three studios. We saw beautiful pastels, watercolors, etc. and met a woman who makes awesome functional items, such as, purses, belts, rolls for brushes, and more. I encouraged her to sell on line, so that we can all have access to her great work.)

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faithsalutes said...

Are you kidding me? Can you get any more talented? Wow...I am hoping visiting a bit of Katie dust was enhaled.