Monday, October 1, 2007

A little "creative relief"

I love it when I get to work on something fun. I usually steer clear of jobs involving clothing, etc.(non-slipcover related), but one of my decorator clients is having a wedding at her beautiful Spanish inspired home, with a gorgeous garden, and asked for my help. Who could turn down a chance to contribute to wedding festivities? She will be doing the flower arrangements and needed some "wrappers" to go around the bouques.

These have velcro on the back and one end so that they can adjust to the size of the final arrangements, and then the overlap can just be secured with a pin. The antique rhinestone pin on the bride's didn't photograph so well, but it looks very sweet.
I have been trying to use more of the colleted things I have around here, so I was glad to be able to provide the pin and the buttons.
The bow tie is for the lovable old yellow lab that lives there. I think it's nice that he was invited.

These vintage flowers that I have used to demonstrate, were an e-bay find.

Here's Max modeling the bow tie. He looks like he should be in GDQ (Gentleman Dog's Quarterly).


raya said...

Very fun mom. I love that bow tie - I hope the photographer gets a good shot of that. : )

OldBagNewTricks said...

Love the bow tie doggie... how irresistable... And wedding festivities, yes, also irresistable. But those bouquet wrappers... oh, I wanna make some of those too. They are both adorable and elegant. I'm going to go look at them some more.


woof nanny said...

Ooh, ring dog? I love that. Cutest one I've seen.

Just found you today thru Vallen. She knows I love sewing with neckties, and you're working with some bolts of necktie fabric, right? The truck quilt? I have a ton of posts on necktie projects, and a group on called Sewing with Neckties.