Friday, October 5, 2007

Rock collection.

Did everyone who ever lived have an egg carton rock collection as a kid? I know I did. I have always loved rocks. I remember my mom picking up rocks whenever we were on vacation. We camped in New Mexico almost every summer. (Lots of good rocks in New Mexico.)

While we were in Redding we spent some time walking along the Sacramento River looking for good fishing spots. Well, actually, I was looking at piles and piles of river rocks on the bank. Tom was looking for the fishing spots.

I only brought home what would fit in my pockets. I found one that looks like a landscape painting and one with little white bumps like a toad. Maybe they will end up in my fishpond.


Vallen said...

I always had rocks and jacks and marbles and beach glass. I didn't keep them in an egg carton but in a cigar box and a green suede pouch. I would wet ht erocks because I thought theyall looked better that way.

jude said...

i love organized collections, beautiful