Thursday, October 18, 2007

ties and tapes

I am working on a slipcover that needs a couple of skinny ties, so I got out my bias tape maker, and thought I would do a demonstration, for anyone who hasn't used one.

They come in different sizes and this one makes bias tape (or a tie) that is 1/4 inch wide. Start by cutting a one inch strip on the bias if you are making bias tape. I didn't cut mine on the bias because I am just making straight ties.

Feed the strip into the wide side, using a pin to pull it out the other side.

Press the now folded strip as it comes through the tool.

You now have a "tape" that is 1/2 inch flat, or 1/4 inch folded.

To make my ties, I just stitch the open side closed near the edge.

I back stitch the end and apply Fray Check to keep it from raveling.

You can order them here or at just about any place that sells sewing notions.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Now, of course, I will be looking all over the place for a reason to use them... now, can you teach me to use that hem turner foot that came with my sewing machine -- that thing has me completely stumped.

Thank You,

casey said...

Thank you for this little tutorial--I've been eying those bias-makers, and now I know how to use them! :D