Thursday, November 15, 2007

Think, thank, thunk.

Oops! Just dropped over-easy egg yolk on my keyboard. Hope the keys don't stick together. Over Easy Slipcovers was the original name of my slipcover business. It makes sense right? The cover goes over your furniture and makes it so easy to change the look and is easy to take care of. Oh well. It probably just made people think of eggs. Now I just use my name. That way I don't have to renew a fictitious business name every five years.

I want to thank Vallen for naming me as a thinking blog the other day. I do enjoy a good ponder. She said some nice things about me. (she has tendencies towards extreme niceness)

I am choosing to pass on naming 5 thinking blogs in return, because I am up to my eyeballs in holiday fabrics and pillow forms for holiday parties, studio open-houses, and the like and need to get busy. I would like to mention one blog though, that I discovered through a blog I visited, that I will figure out who it belongs to later when it is too late. It is a great and clever book review site by Yann Martel who wrote LIFE OF PI. Visiting the site led me to get a copy of LIFE OF PI and I am enjoying it. It seems, according to the author's note at the beginning of the book, that it is a true story.

Lots of silk and velvet.

Taking a little break.

I wanted to report that Colleen came over, as mentioned in my last post, and brought her talented friend (and mine), Kate and they made my living room look great. I love it. I never would have thought to arrange the furniture the way they did, and they gave me some great tips. Now I just need to make some slipcovers, etc.


Vallen said...

I know some folks who would laugh at the thought of me and extreme niceness but I do appreciate the sentiment. I just call like I see 'em. Ahh, velvet. I was just mentioning the other day how hard it is to find nice velvet.

Angie said...

You need slipcovers! So do I. Maybe you should come here and do mine and I go out there and do yours


Tracy said...

Slipcovers can really work and make all the difference--there are some great options now that don't necessarily look like a big sheet thrown over the sofa--LOL! Let us know what you get! Happy weekend ((HUGS))