Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I did today....

I wore my red poppy. I was at the post office a couple of days ago and made a donation to the VFW through the Poppy Buddy program. Thanks, Dad, by the way, for serving your country, and thanks to all others who have been, or are in our military. May God watch over you.

I stood up in front of a room full of people and talked for a couple of minutes. A friend, one time told me that she would rather eat mud than stand up in front of a group and speak. That is usually how I feel too, but sometimes you just have something that you have to say. And if it is an opportunity to honor someone (and it was), then why not?

I bought a TV. Well, actually I took one back that I bought yesterday and exchanged it for a different one. Colleen is going to be here tomorrow to help me spiff up the place, mostly by using her expertise to rearrange what I already have. But I really wanted to get rid of the big clunky tv armoire since my living room is pretty small. Therefore, I also needed a less big and clunky tv.
So we plugged in the one I got yesterday, that took an hour and a half to buy, by the way, due to sales trainee/ older salesman combo, not that I have anything against either, it just took a while, thats all, and to continue this record breaking run-on sentence.... it sounded like the people on the screen were talking into empty tin cans. (Very annoying). So I did what I should have in the first place. I went on the afore mentioned store's website, compared, studied, selected, and printed out info before I packed the tv back in the box and took it back. The transaction took about five minutes. Whew, what a relief. The new tv has 20 watts of sound power, as apposed to 1 in the other one. Yes that's a 1, as in one. No wonder it sounded weak.

When we were first married 30 years ago, I didn't want a tv, but people kept giving them to us. "You have to have a tv!" They said. Now, sadly, I would have some major withdrawals without one.

Speaking of addictions.... I heard today that cats that live in the homes of smokers get a nicotine residue on their coats that they ingest when they clean themselves and that leads to a cigarette-butt eating habit. I never thought about that before.


Tracy said...

Love your poppy for remembrance...may we never forget. Very interesting info about cats & niccotine...DH & I have debated at times about giving up the television as we seldom watch anything, being more readers and radio listeners we...but still the old box is in the living room--LOL! Happy week to you ((HUGS))

OldBagNewTricks said...

Thank you for wearing your poppy -- I think those are specific to WWII vets (Flanders Fields -- or was that WWI?) Anyway, thanks -- I'm a vet and as it was the most fun ever, I can say I was happy to serve. And thanks for the walk-thru on buying a new TV, which I will be doing sooner than I think.