Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scrambling to unscramble...

One thing that the wintry weather does is that it makes me look around at my immediate surroundings, since it is less convenient to go out and away from them. Then I start feeling frustrated with my organization failures. I have the ability to make a place for things and put them in their place,

but there isn't always a logic to the master plan. Hmmm, I guess there is no master plan. That's what I need.....A MASTER PLAN! No wonder it never feels orderly. I have containers of similar things spread out all over the place. Buttons on the shelf, buttons on the window sill, buttons in the closet. Tools in an old suitcase, tools in a drawer, tools (small ones) in the pencil cup. Fabric on the shelf, fabric on under my cutting table, fabric across the room on another shelf, fabric in the craft storage, fabric in the garage, fabric in a basket, fabric in a tote bag, does anyone need some fabric?

So...I have concluded that I need to formulate ZONES for my stuff. I'm sure that this is probably in every organizing book ever written, but sometimes we just don't get things until we've worn ourselves out looking for something, and the puddle of tears we are sitting in turns cold and shocks us into action!

Now......where to start this unscrambling process.? I have decided to start with the enormous collection of books that I have, again, spread out all over the house in no particular order. Boy am I glad the Public Library does a better job than I do. Can you imagine what that would be like? I am making three piles:

1.Books that I use for reference in my sewing business, and other sewing adventures.

2.Books that I have collected with instructions for things I want to try.

3.Books that I have collected with instructions for things I want to try, but know I never will.

...make that 4 piles.

4.Books on gardening that I really need to read so that my plants will have a chance at a better life.

...five piles?

5.Art books.

And of course the Give Away pile. ( which includes pile # 3.)

Wish me luck.


raya said...

Best of luck mom. Yesterday I had a bout of baby-coming-soon-must-organize-everything so I'm right there with you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're on your way to getting it all organized. Stop by my blog as I have an ongoing Sewing Room Organization challenge. There's even a whole section on organizing your Sewing Library...LOL!

Wishing you all things good in the New Year! happy sewing!

With friendship,

Angie said...

Something must be in the air! I've been organizing and prettying up my studio since before Christmas. I'm starting a series on organizing on my blog, come check it out. And I have some of the same books! Good luck.


Vallen said...

You make disorganized look good. I would have sworn you were one of the MOST organized crafters I've seen.

corrie said...

You can give me pile # 5 if you want! : ) I think I already started stealing from it anyway....