Monday, February 18, 2008

Back to busy.

Wow! What happened to the last two weeks? I am feeling all better. (Thanks for all the well wishes.) We got to spend a couple of days with the new baby, and today, I am tying up loose ends so that I can go back for a few days and help out with chores and hold the baby some more. He is very sweet and cute.

My apologies to Angie over at Slipcover Diva. She tagged me a couple of weeks ago to list 7 weird things about myself (and pass it on). It's funny that even though I think of myself as "weird" in general, I'm having a hard time coming up with 7 isolated facts.

1. Even though I have an intense love for chairs, I usually have a hard time sitting still. If it weren't for TV and the need to sit at a table, computer, or sewing machine, I might never sit down!

2. At yard sales, I'm equally drawn to the tools and the frilly stuff.

3. I spend way more time gathering crafting supplies than actually doing any crafting. (Sad!)

4. I have unusual tastes. I often like things that are out of the ordinary, thus my fear of giving decorating advice to my sewing customers.

5. I love canned spinich. (The kind Popeye eats.)

6. I save dryer lint. But wait..hear me out...only when it is one solid pretty color from washing a big piece of fabric. I have hopes of making paper out of it. When I was homeschooling my kids we did some paper-making, and for the limited effort, the outcome is very satifying. But there I go again, gathering supplies.....

7. I enjoy ironing while listening to news radio. I guess I'm a news junkie.

Well, hopefully you aren't too weirded out by my "weird list". And due to my long list of things to do today, I will have to pass on passing it on. I probably won't be doing any posting the rest of the week either. Take Care.


Jean said...

Adorable! (The baby not the wierd things!) Can't think of a better way to spend time than hold a grandchild!

Vallen said...

He is adorable. What a calm little bundle he appears to be