Monday, February 25, 2008

Home again.

I tore myself away from my daughter's house on Sunday for the five hour drive home. Boy was that hard! I cleverly planned my return on the last day of a Quilt Fair that was going on near my home. It proved to be a good "carrot". Otherwise, I probably would have stayed on and on until they got tired of feeding me.

There was a vendor at the Fair who is there every year who makes gorgeous button jewelry. I bought this pin and card, and these nice old buttons from her. Her name is Debra Heisel and her e-mail address is I was sad to learn that she doesn't have a website, or an ETSY shop. Seems like there are a lot of craftspeople out there that say, "I'm just not good with computers." Something should be done about this, don't you agree?

When I arrived there were only 45 minutes left before the fair closed, so there were a lot of things I just didn't have time to see. I did benefit from the "fill a bag for a dollar" sale at the local quilters' guild booth. I grabbed a pile of quilting magazines with tons of inspiration in them, as well as a few interesting fabric scraps.

Good reading material for when I am missing my daughter and her sweet family.

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Vallen said...

That baby boy is so cute it is a wonder you made it up 101 at all.