Friday, February 1, 2008

simple pleasures

When my January/February issue of Victoria, as well as another magazine or two, arrived in the middle of December, I stuck them in my storage ottoman without looking at them. Sitting down with a magazine right before the holidays was just not on my schedule. It was a nice treat to find them a couple of evenings ago.

This picture from an article on handmade expressions of affection gave me an idea for my thrifted goodies from my last post. I wanted to put some little daisies from my yard in it, but have to find one of those cute little tubes. This actually makes me think about when I was in high school and had a job working in my dad's lab washing test tubes, and doing other laboratory chores. (His lab was part of a medical clinic. It wasn't down in the basement of our home or anything like that!)

The strawberries are a project from the past, filled with lavender, tied onto vintage seam binding.


Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I took a quick scan of yours and a few Flickr pics too. I am in complete and total AWE with your slip covers. I want so badly to have some made for both my sofa and love seat. I sew but have NEVER tackled something quite so grand! SO....maybe you could email your business info?? may have a customer here!

Vallen said...

I do that with magazines, too ecept sometimes I can't find them again when I'm ready to read them. I think I'm organized until something like that happens. . Now I'm off to find my Victoria , hmmmm now where did i put that?

Tracy said...

Lovely to see where you inspiration took you--your project is delightful! Happy Days ((HUGS))

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, what fun when the snow flies, to curl up with a secreted magazine stash... and a little crafyt magic too. Craft stores have little plastic tubes, but where precisely does one lay hands on taller glass tubes? Surely there a science-y web site.


Angie said...

Lovely picture, so calming. I've tagged you to share 7 wierd things about yourself. Here are the rules:

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Julie said...

Is it really bad I could see those holding tv remotes, both off my headboard and in the living room? LOL