Monday, March 17, 2008

Is there anything better than green vinyl?

I received this cute chair in trade for making a slipcover for someone else's cute chair over a year ago. It has been draped with various quilts and throws until this weekend when it got a real slipcover.

My preferred method for making a slipcover is to do a muslin pattern, or actually, an old-white-sheet pattern. I measure to the center of the chair or sofa and make a pattern of half. That way the slipcover is symmetrical, and I can write notes right on the pattern. I don't mind the extra step, as opposed to cutting the fabric right on the furniture.
BUT.... when I am doing a project for myself, I am usually trying to get it done with a limited amount of time.

Therefore, since I wasn't planning to add cording, and could just sew it as pinned, I put the fabric, wrong side up right on the chair and pinned it together, trimming seam allowances to a half inch. I left some fabric to tuck into the back of the seat. If I had made a pattern first, the slipcover would be a little neater in spots, but for this project, getting it done was the priority.

Because the back of the chair is wider at the top than lower down, there needed to be some type of opening in order to get the cover over the top. I decided to put a big pleat in the back with a twill tape tie, because that would be a faster option than buttons.

Ahhhh, that feels good.


Sarah said...

Ah! You make it look so easy! Just found your blog! I have about 3 chairs I need slip you live in Texas! HA!

Vallen said...

Amazing. I bow to your skills.

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Anonymous said...

What a difference. Fresh new look and Beautiful!


Angie said...

Another beautiful slipcover! Why is it the ones we do for ourselves we can't find the time to put all the little extra details like we do for our clients?


bettyninja said...

While I do agree that green vinyl is high on my list, I was more impressed by your slipcover. I will certainly be trying to make a muslin mock cover this summer and see if my slipcover magic doesn't look a bit more professional

Julie said...

It looks so modern now!