Monday, March 24, 2008

Soft and springy.

We had a nice visit from my daughter and her family this weekend and I enjoyed the flower arranging, toy making, and baby holding involved.

I am so glad people like Betz White have encouraged us to make things from recylcled, felted sweaters. I used patterns from this book:

that I bought for my middle daughter (now 23) when she was a little girl. The patterns are simple and can easily be sewn together by hand. I always end up changing things a little when I use a pattern, but the toys in this book are so cute, and a great place to start.

I am looking forward to making more toys for this little sweetie.


Grandpa said...

Very cute little baby boy!

Vallen said...

Oh, is the sweetest and a good sleeper by the looks of it. Happy grandma time.

Julie said...

Nothing better than holding a floppy head.