Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting it all sown up.

My son is getting married later this month and we will be having the rehearsal dinner in our backyard. It has been a perfect opportunity to finish up those not quite finished parts of the yard. Today a very nice friend who knows the name of every plant God ever made, (she's a sales rep) took me out to a nursery and helped me pick out plants for all the needy areas. I am very excited about getting it all in shape and I hope I can keep it up.

I have one "retained" area that she wasn't quite sure what we should do with and we decided that a sort of a quilt-like knot garden would be fun. I have looked at this book before, and it is amazing. I am hoping to check it out from the public library tomorrow, and get a plan going.

I built a retaining wall in my lower yard from recycled, broken up concrete. I call them "driveway stones". I had some help from the men in my life (husband, son, son-in-law) but did quite a bit of toting myself. You'd think all this digging and toting I've been doing would be a good weight loss program, but I haven't noticed much change. It does make me feel strong though, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that!


Sarah said...

Gardening is so relaxing to me. I don't have lots of beautiful flower beds but the 2 or 3 I do have surprise me every year when the perineals grow back. I just planted spring flowers this weekend mixed with the perineals. Happy Gardening. Show pics when your finished.

Vallen said...

I love mosaic gardens. In England and Scotland they are so magnificent and I have always wanted to plant one. Oh I hope you will show us photos. This is quite a banner year for B. family.

faithsalutes said...

Post photos when you are done!