Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change of scenery.

I've noticed that one of the things I love about vacations and even short get-aways is waking up to something different. It doesn't even have to be a panoramic view, just pleasant in some way. The next best thing, for me, is to rearrange the furniture, or paint and put up new pictures.

Last weekend I cleaned and rearranged my sewing room, where I spend most of the day most weekdays. It has done wonders for my frame of mind.

I didn't move everything around, I just turned my cutting table and was surprised that it works so well. I thought it was too long and wouldn't leave enough room to walk around it, but it is actually much better. And I had to get rid of a lot of random stuff that was stuffed under there. That's usually a "good thing", right Martha?

The other day while shopping for supplies at a local fabric store, I couldn't walk away from a box of swatches that were for sale.

I have always been drawn to red and green, or pink and green, and thought these would make a great organizer for all the little tools I use and don't like to loose.

Pockets! I need pockets! Red and green pockets.
Here is the beginning of my organizer project. I will show the finished product soon.

I also finally found a home for my collection of sewing machine drawers. I like them a lot and they are useful too. (I just have to make a master list of what is in each drawer.)

So until I have a specially built cabinet for them, I can enjoy them on this closet shelf while I work.

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