Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My beef with the ham.

I recently made seats for some round chairs and was reminded how hard it is to press slipcovers at times. I have a pressing ham
that works sometimes, but not that often. (Not to be confused with a ham press ). For a while I have been wanting to make one myself.

I decided that I need something shaped more like a roast. I cut two layers of wool for the top and two for the bottom and two strips for the "boxing". Since the pressing roast needs to be extra firm and I didn't want to go out looking for sawdust, I used cut up wool scraps.

I was having a hard time getting it firm enough, so I added a core of rolled up wool.

The finished product looks more like a giant pork chop, but will work nicely for those hard to press slipcover arm-fronts. For the round cushions I actually need a big pie slice. Maybe I will tackle that next.


Julie said...

I never knew there were pressing hams or ham presses. Learn something new everyday, lol.

I've tagged you. Come read my blog.

Sarah said...

Love the ham bone and so will the puppy dog your making it for! The slipcover for your chair turned out great!
Vintage Lily