Wednesday, July 9, 2008

free style

A while back I talked about the freecycle network. I have been able to give away some things I didn't need anymore, and have also gotten some very useful stuff, like these cardboard tubes. They were originally used as packaging for breakable containers.

When I saw the listing, I immediately thought "STORAGE!".

I am always looking for ways to display the bits and pieces of fabric that I have collected, in a way that will inspire creativity.

I just pulled a piece of black elastic out of my "elastic drawer" to hold them together and had an instant storage thingy. I also put some in my closet to hold shoes.


Jean said...

What a great storage idea and so fun to look at!

faithsalutes said...

this is so cute.

Angie said...

Now that is a very smart idea. It always amazes me with the creativity that is out there.

OldBagNewTricks said...

What a smart idea -- it puts the fun in functional. So storage savvy.


Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Only you can come up with such idea and make it look nice.

Leigh said...

Ooh, what I good idea, I love this!