Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Homemade for the Holidays

I was excited to hear that more people than usual were making gifts this holiday season. I am hoping that it has helped the financial health of the fabric/craft stores. Since I don't sell much fabric myself, I depend on them to provide material for my slipcover customers, and, hey, I can't imagine life without a place to go and "get lost" in the fabric.

I did some gift-making myself this year. I have been inspired by monograms lately, as I mentioned in this post. (Be sure to click on "Angie's blog".)

I wanted to make some pillows for my mom and dad and since silk screening was a little too involved for the time I had, and because of my lack of experience, I found an easier way.
It involves the computer, a Dover book of ornate letters, and freezer paper. I explained the whole process and then accidentally deleted it, so maybe there will be a future tutorial.

My dad is always asking about Max, so I put his face on a pillow to keep them company.

I also had a vision of big monogrammed stockings made from some of my slipcover left-over odds and ends. Here are four of the nine that I made.

Now I am all inspired and will have to carve out some more "creative" time since I am thankfully keeping pretty busy with slipcover jobs.


Jean said...

Your pillows are beautiful! What a great idea to make monogramed stockings! You certainly used your scraps in an original way. Happy New Year to you and yours! Jean

Angie said...

WOW! I am blown away! Those look great and I do hope there is a tutorial coming soon. I've been experimenting with Thermofax screen printing and it is simpler that the photo emulsion method.

Hope to see more in the new year!


Colleen Hickey said...

Beautiful! I think you will certainly be able to take this process and make it work for some of your design jobs :)

When you get a chance, I'd love the info on how to do it. I've tried the iron on fabric printer paper from staples and it does not work too well. Happy new year, Katie!

Leigh said...

These are great! You should sell them in your etsy this fall / winter! I bet they would do great.