Monday, June 1, 2009

Call me Tactual.

Working on some new things to put in my ETSY shop. I have a great little button press that makes different sizes of covered buttons, that I can also use to make thumb tacks. I decided to glue the " tie circles" to the button forms first. You don't usually need to do that to use the button press, but with these slippery silks, it makes for better results, and less frustration.

I think I would usually rather take more time in the beginning of a process if it means it will run more smoothly. I guess that's the main reason I make a pattern of a piece of furniture that I am slipcovering. Some people cut the fabric right on the furniture, or they take their sewing machines to the clients home and sew on site, but for me that's too much pressure. I've always been a lover of maps, and having that pinned together pattern ( made from old sheets) that I can write on, is like a map. I like being able to take it apart, piece by piece, and lay it out on the fabric before I cut.

I'm really thankful that I have the kind of "job" that allows me to choose my own methods and forms of navigation.


.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

Ohhh- very nice! What does a button press look like and is it expensive? I want to add some covered buttons to some of the bags that I am making, but when buying the packages in the store - the fabric doesn't seem to stay on them very well.

KT said...

Hi Ariane,
I have a Handy Button Maker that I bought used a long time ago, and then ordered different die sizes from my Upholstery Supply guy. I also buy the button forms from him. If you can find a used one, that would be best, since they are kind of expensive.

Angie said...

Cute! Have you tried using interlining for the thinner fabrics. Just cut an interlining circle and sandwich the two together when making the button.