Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grammy and B's day of fun.

My daughter is in town and went to photograph a wedding today, so our grandson spent the day with us. He had a full day. After his nap his Auntie took him to the beach, then we had spaghetti...yum.

Then playtime in the bath, and then craft-time. He took on the important task of making sure the crayon paper would not hinder our creativity.

We made cardboard horses from Ann Wood's blog. (One of my favorites.) I tried to make it a little more child-safe by making "cardboard buttons" to replace real buttons, and used curling ribbon instead of wire to attach the legs.

Tomorrow: horse races!

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Leigh said...

Grandma time is the best! My mom's coming to visit us while we're in London and I can't wait! And I love Ann Wood too, her birds, ships, the horses. I love that you made the horses with your grandson.