Friday, September 11, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

A few pictures from a recent trip to Colorado to visit my parents:

My daughter and grandson at the local park.

My parents' house and hill from across a field. It is a tradition to climb the hill each time we are there. There is a rock pile at the top, and gets a little bigger when anyone visits.

The husband and son-in-law tried to catch a carp from my dad's pond. They were huge, and apparently not hungry. The pond was originally filled with trout and we all have fond memories of fishing from "Grandpa's pond."

We got to watch a thunderstorm in the nearby hills one afternoon. There's nothing better than the smell of rain in the mountains. And I heard that while we were gone they had some 100 degree weather here at home. How's that for great timing?!

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OldBagNewTricks said...

OMG, Betty, such an adorable grandchild!! Irresistable.

However, the real reason I came, I am on a mission to win -- rather to help someone else win. Did you see on faceBook a post regarding a Martha Stewart contest where one of the contestants designs and decorates battered women's shelters. Please go peek at my latest blog post and follow the link at the bottom. And if you have time can you do a blog post to help spread the word about Terry Grahl. Thanks loads, Jenny